Nov 18-20, Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees & 30+ Events

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1000+ Attendees at 30+ Events - Learn More

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees, 200+ Presentations, 30+ Open Source Events - Learn More


Open Camps provides a mission-driven arena for open source community members, contributors and leaders to collaborate.

Our events are open to all to ensure there's no barriers between the world’s best open source developers, technologies & organizations.

Conference Program

An Open Source Conference for All

Open Camps' program includes a wide array of events that span the key elements of open source.

Our largest events are Camps, which are conferences that run under the Open Camps umbrella. These include events focused on key open source technologies, industry best practices, and community considerations. In conjunction with our Camps, we also runs contribution sprints, trainings, and a talent fair & sponsors expo.


Under the Open Camps umbrella, we run a mix of conferences (aka 'Camps') on key open source technologies.

Contribution Sprints

Many of our Camps include code & contribution sprints to foster more open source contributions & contributors.


Several of our Camps also include free trainings to help attendees acquire & advance their open source skills.

Special Initiatives

Humanitarian & Social Efforts

In addition to fostering open source innovation and collaboration, Open Camps also includes multiple initiatives with a social & humanitarian focus.

Diversity & Inclusion Camp

Striving for greater diversity in open source communities

Next Gen Camp

An open source conference for young developers

Women in Open Source

Working to improve gender balance in open source

Hack for Humanity

An impactful mission-driven open source hackathon

Our Mission

Mobilizing Open Source for Good

Open Camps’ mission is to foster greater contribution to, collaboration among and adoption of open source technologies.

We are a mission-driven open source conference run on a not-for-profit basis, by a team of over 200+ volunteers from across many open source communities. Our volunteer team and fundraising efforts help to keep Open Camps free to attend and ‘open to all’.


A Diverse Mix of Participants

Open Camps attendees & speakers are primarily developers & engineers, but also include a diverse mix of open source technology professionals.

Please See our Sponsorship Options page to get a better feel for the demographics of our sponsors, and our our Presentations page page to get a better sense our speakers mix.


Fostering Open Source Collaboration

Open Camps has had a positive impact on open source by helping cultivate great collaboration and contribution among open source community members, contributors, projects and organizations.

We've also help introduce many technologists and organizations to open source, including providing free trainings and workshops to over 3,000 attendees so far.


A Collective Community Effort

Over the last 5 years we’ve achieved our initial goals making Open Camps one of the largest developer conferences in NYC, and then one of the world’s largest open source conferences.

In 2016, Open Camps hosted 6,000+ attendees across 35+ conferences that featured 400+ sessions on dozens of open source technologies. We are aiming for a similar or slightly larger size for 2017.

Our rationale for these goals, was never about the size of the event or running a big conference. Rather, our focus was on establish Open Camps as a platform that was large and accessible enough to be a stage for all of open source and to be impactful enough to meaningfully help foster open source contribution, collaboration & growth.


The Best is Yet to Come

We started Open Camps to pay it forward and help create the sort of world we want for future generations.

For 2017, our focus is on formalizing and implementing best practices. However, once that’s achieved, we believe that Open Camps has incredible potential to grow (likely to 10,000+ attendees) and have a massively positive impact on open source in the years and decades ahead. Thanks to each of our volunteers, all our sponsors (especially the UN), and the many source community members who’ve helped us reach this point.