Nov 18-20, Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees & 30+ Events

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1000+ Attendees at 30+ Events - Learn More

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees, 200+ Presentations, 30+ Open Source Events - Learn More


Open Camps features a mix of events focused on today's most impacful open source technologies and communities.

All our events run collaboratively under the Open Camps umbrella. Each each event runs its own space at a given date & time, althought certain events are run together in close collaboration. For instance:

  • Frontend Camp, React Camp, Angular Camp, Vue Camp, and Ember Camp are run by a combined team.
  • Dev Ops Camps, Container Camp and Kubernetes Camp all share a similar focus;
  • Community Camp, Civic Camp and Gov Camp are run as a group; and
  • Diversity & Inclusion Camp, Next Gen Camp, Women In Open Source Camp, and Hack for Humanity Hackathon are all very mission-driven event with closely aligned themes and teams.

Each event is organized by volunteer members of the open source technology community, often key members and organizers of local monthly meetups.