Nov 18-20, Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees & 30+ Events

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1000+ Attendees at 30+ Events - Learn More

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees, 200+ Presentations, 30+ Open Source Events - Learn More

IoT & Maker Camp

An Exploration of Open Source IoT & Maker Technologies

Sun. Nov. 19 from 01:30 pm to 05:30 pm

IoT & Maker Camp is a grassroots, community-run open-source conference focused on open source IoT & Maker technologies.

Our content is geared towards developers seeking to learn more about enterprise open source best practices, insights and emerging technologies.

As our inaugural event may be on the smaller side this year; however, we're aiming to lay the tracks for a much larger event in 2018.


If you or an organization you know may be interested in sponsorsing AI Camp please see out prospectus Prospectus and reach out to us by email.


AI camp features a mix of presenters aiming to share their IoT & maker experience.

Bhakthi Liyanage

Application Architect, Data Scientist (Bank of America Merrill Lynch)


We will be adding schedule details in the next few days which specify the detailed order/timing of presentation on Sun. Nov. 19.


IoT & Maker Camp includes an interesting mix of presentation on best practices, emerging techniques, recent research and case studies regarding open source technologies.

How to become a Jedi: Introduction to Mind Machine Interfacing using Brain Activity(EEG) and Azure IoT

Have you ever been wondering how Jedi controlled objects with their mystical power called the Force without touching them? Have you ever wished you had the power to control things around you with the power of your mind? Mind-machine interface (MMI), or brain–machine interface (BMI), is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device. In this session, I will demonstrate how to control a remotely located physical device by converting your brain activity to commands and send them to remote devices using Azure services.

Bhakthi Liyanage

Application Architect, Data Scientist (Bank of America Merrill Lynch)


We'll be posting any News or update here, so please stay tuned for any important announcements.


Our venue is Convene's midtown NYC location at 730 3rd Ave, where we'll be hosting along with other Open Camps events. We'll be posting further venue details here as the event approaches, including access and check-in procedures.


IoT & Maker Camp is organized by a volunteer team from the open source community. If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to us by email .