Nov 18-20, Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees & 30+ Events

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1000+ Attendees at 30+ Events - Learn More

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees, 200+ Presentations, 30+ Open Source Events - Learn More

How to Approach Continuous Integration for Serverless Applications

Continuous integration is the practice of merging all working copies of developer code into one shared mainline several times a day. Best practices include automation of builds and deployments, with fast and self-testing builds, as well as production-like testing environments. With serverless, the continuous integration pipeline evolves from a one-lane, one-way street into a multiple-lane, two-way highway. In this talk, we take a simple serverless application and walk you through the steps to set up unit testing, end-to-end testing, code coverage, code analysis, code security, code performance, and peer code review. Developers learn how to use AWS serverless components in combination with GitHub, Travis, Code Climate, Snyk and other serverless-friendly services.

Eugene Istrati

Technology Partner (Mitoc Group)
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