Nov 18-20, Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees & 30+ Events

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1000+ Attendees at 30+ Events - Learn More

Nov 18-20 in Midtown NYC - 1,000+ Attendees, 200+ Presentations, 30+ Open Source Events - Learn More

Sponsor Guide

Important Info for Sponsors

This page is intended to provide all information which sponsors may need to know.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at or 212-203-8052 if our team can be of any assistance.

Expo Dates, Times & Locations

Our sponsor expo will run from 9 am to 6 pm on each of Sat. Nov. 18 and Sun. Nov. 19, 2017; which are the core days of the conference.

As outlined on the Location page of our website, our conference will be hosted at Convene NYC's midtown location at 730 3rd Ave.

Expo Setup & Wrap-Up

Sponsors will have the opportunity to to setup in our expo on the evenning of Fri. Nov. 19 from 6 to 8 pm, and if needed in the morning before the event on each of Sat. Nov. 18 and Sun. Nov 19 from 7am to 9am. If needed, Open Camps can provide staff to assist with setup. Large materials which may require us of a freight elevator should ideally be shipped in advance (see below), and need to be loaded into the building from 6 am to 7 am on Fri. Nov. 17.

We'll be wrapping up our sponsor expo on the afternoon of Sun. Nov. 19 from 5 to 6 pm.

Expo Booth & Table Locations

We are in the process of finalizing the layout for the Sponsor Expo and will contact sponsors in the week of the confernece in order to confirm the location of the their table/booth and desired setup.

Connecting with Attendees

Sponsors are able to collect contact info from conference attendees in the sponsor expo.

Additionally, Open Camps will be collecting email contact info from attendees who opt-in to be included on our contact list to be shared with sponsors. We will be raffling prizes off to certain attendees, who may also opt-in.

Swag, Raffles & Giveaways

While it is permitted to circulate swag in the Sponsor Expo, we also encourage sponsors to be efficent/minimal when doing so. From our experience, engaging in raffles or givewaways is often a high impact and efficient way to connect with attendees. We can loan sponsors a tablet for use onsite if needed, for purposes of collecting info from attendees.

Content & Presentations

We don't offer a 'pay-to-present' or 'sponsor-to-speak' model at Open Camps. However, we do encourage sponsors to actively participate and present at the conference. If you wish to present, please submit your presenation via our CFP and/or contact us at

Shipping Expo Materials

Sponsors may ship materials for use at Open Camps to the following address:

We request that sponsors who ship materails to us, please send us an email at to confirm their shipment (including a tracking number). This will allow us to confirm receipt

Our team will take care of ensuring that any materials shipped by sponsors are brought to the venue in time for setup. If needed we can also arrange for return shipping of materials (sposnors mut provide FedEx or UPS account number for shipping).

Supplemental Expo Materials

Open Camps has extra materails available onsite if needed, isch as table skirts, raffle tickets, name tags, office supplies and other materials.

Sponsorship Options

Our sponsorship option and background info are included in our Sponsorship Prospectus.