Nov 17-21 in Midtown NYC - 8,000+ Attendees & 40+ Events

Nov 17-21 in Midtown NYC - 8,000+ Attendees at 40+ Events - Learn More

Nov 17-21 in Midtown NYC - 8,000+ Attendees, 400+ Presentations, 15+ Trainings across 40+ Open Source Events - Learn More


Open Camps is organized by a grassroots volunteer teaam from the open source community.

If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to us by email at

Adrian Lanning

Founder (Share With 911)

Alim Gafar

Founder (DIRA Market Dynamics)

Anatoliy Zaslavskiy

Solutions Architect & Tech AM (

Anthony Albertorio

Front End Developer (Optimatic Media)

Bev Corwin

Director of Technology (DDC)

Bobby Grayson

Lead Elixir/Erlang Developer (Wombat Security Technologies)

Brian Carr

Co-organizer (Victory Guide)

Danieta Morgan

Systems Integrator (New Visions for Public Schools)

Erek Tinker

Editor (Pax Solaria)

Eric David Benari

Founder & President (Techie Youth)

Forest Mars

Organizer (Open Camps)

Frank Carey

Machine Learning Engineer (Vimeo)

Heather Shapiro

Technical Evangelist (Microsoft)

Jessica Weinberg

Software Engineer (Socratic)

Joe Sepi

Developer Advocate (IBM)

John Bandler

Founder (Bandler Law Firm and Bandler Group)

Joshua Adler

Director (Treeline Pictures)

Kai Mallea

Software Engineer (Spotify)

Kaylyn Gibilterra

Software Engineer (Capital One Labs)

Martin Jones

Web Developer (Apptricity Corporation)

Nitya Narasimhan

Owner & Startup Consultant (Digital HV)

Noreen Whysel

COO, UX and Director/Co-Founder (Decision Fish)

Oliver Christie

Founder & CEO (Foxy Machine)

Ra'Shaun Stovall

CTO (Censible)

Remko de Knikker

Developer Advocate (IBM)

Sydney Swaine-Simon

Co-founder (District 3 & NeuroTechX)

Tim Hobert

Managing Director (Div Digital)

Zoe Braiterman

Chief Learning Officer (OWASP Learning Gateway Project)